Adding new model backendΒΆ

If you want to implement new database backend to use with model views, follow steps found in this guideline.

There are few assumptions about models:

  1. Model has “primary key” - value which uniquely identifies one model in a data store. There’s no restriction on the data type or field name.
  2. Model has readable python properties
  3. It is possible to get list of models (optionally - sorted, filtered, etc) from data store
  4. It is possible to get one model by its primary key

Steps to add new model backend:

  1. Create new class and derive it from BaseModelAdmin:

    class MyDbModel(BaseModelView):

By default, all model views accept model class and it will be stored as self.model.

  1. PLEASE VIEW ModelAdmin for how to do a new backend.

Feel free ask questions if you have problem adding new model backend.